The new drinking experience

Announcing a better, safer and more
enjoyable way to drink on the go

The new drinking experience

Announcing a better, safer and more
enjoyable way to drink on the go

A unique solution for safer drinking on the move

Drink directly from the edge of the cup

No more spills on your favorite white shirt

Drink like you normally do at home

No more scalded lips

Cool your drink by blowing into one of the openings

No more fiddling with a big lid to cool your coffee

Share your drink with a friend

No more worrying about what side your friend used to drink from

Use the most environmentally friendly lid around

No more plastic

You never have to remove the lid

No more accidents 

Liplid's cup lid stabilizes the cup, making it firmer to grip and eliminates the risk of it tipping over and/or the lid falling off.

Liplid sets a new, world-unique standard for cup lids adapted to all types of cups intended for serving both hot and cold drinks.

+ Less energy and material
+ Biobased fiber or composite material
+ EU-standard compliant
+ Biodegradable
+ Fossil-free

100% recyclable and 25% Less material

We have developed and patented a cup lid for service and retail with unique properties in terms of function, design and to a form which in the manufacturing requires 25% less material. The cup lid is made of 100% recyclable material, cellulose fibers. It is completely biodegradable in soil and marine environment.The new and revolutionary design gives a stabilizing effect to the coffee cup itself while maintaining its own physical properties exposed to hot coffee/water.

Goods and services affect the environment throughout its life cycle; during manufacturing, usage, recycling, material recycling, waste disposal and transports at all stages. A transition to more sustainable alternatives is positive not only for the environment but also for our health.

Recycling – to recover materials from waste – is a step in the EU’s so-called waste hierarchy. It sets out the priorities for policies and legislation to reduce environmental impact. The first step in the hierarchy is to prevent waste even arising, then recycling is advocated and then material recycling and other recycling, for example energy recycling. The last step is disposal. In the EU’s forthcoming law package for the circular economy, material recycling is a central part that Unicup Scandinavia AB has focused on.

Through the production process the Liplid lids meet the requirements of food contact materials legislation: FCM Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 and GMP Regulation (EC) 2023/2006.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will it be possible to order larger volumes of Liplids?

We are looking at sometime early Q1-2022.

What kind of partnerships are you at Unicup currently looking for?

We want to set up relationships with companies interested in:

  • buying a license giving them the right to manufacture, sell and distribute the Liplid in selected geographical areas
  • setting up manufacturing of their own using the Pulpac technology ( then producing for Unicup and/or themselves.
  • buying the distribution rights in selected geographical areas, buying from a producer of the Liplids.
  • buying for pure distribution to various outlets where the lids are needed.
  • buying the product and selling it to end-users such as clients in a café

Which sizes will the Liplid be available in?

Unicup will follow the market trends and try to standardize on one size if possible. Currently the lids are available in 90 mm with a 80 mm version under development.

Does the Liplid only work for hot drinks?

No not at all. The LipLid is suitable for cold drinks as well. We are currently developing a lid exclusively for “cold drinks”. It will hopefully be brought to market sometime around Q3 2022.

What is the raw material for the lids?

Initially Scandinavian/Nordic fluff pulp from Spruce and Pine.

How sustainable as a lid is Liplid actually?

Well, we would like to say that is very sustainable. The Liplids are 100% recyclable as cellulose fibres which mean that they can be recycled into a lot of different things such as cartons board, various paper grades for corrugated bord etc. The lids are biodegradable pretty much in the same way paper is, but we would like them to be recycled instead of disposed of in nature.

What kind of barrier material, if any, do you use to avoid the lids separating into individual fibres or softening too much?

There is a definite challenge regarding the hydrophobicity of the lids. We are currently in the end-phase of deciding which of several alternatives we want to go for. The barrier material that will be chosen is fully natural and does not affect the recyclability of the lids.

How much barrier material will be added to the lids?

Maximum 0,4 w%. We are aiming for 0,1 w% or less. The functionality of the lid is also important.

Is it possible to follow the development of the Liplid on social media?

Starting January 2022, it will be possible to follow LipLid via our LinkedIn page as well as via our web site.

About Us

UniCup Scandinavia AB is a licensing and innovation company based in Huddinge, Sweden. Some parts of the business are located at Linköping University and the patent office Groth & Co (intellectual property/patent) and at RISE in Stockholm (Research Institutes of Sweden) – a network for research and technology. The company is a limited company.


Would you like to know more about the revolutionary Liplid solution? Contact our sales and leadership team. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jesper Berthold

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